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Spring Trends: Wide-Legged Pants

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Sick of skinny jeans and leggings?  You’re in luck! Another trend that will be big this Spring/Summer is the wide-legged pant!

wide-legged pants collage

Think you can’t wear them? Think again! While yes, these are more flattering on certain body types, don’t rule them out until you try them! The major tip to remember here is: If you’re going wide or full on bottom, keep the top more fitted. (Also works the other way around!)



look 1


See how nicely a wider leg can balance out proportions? The emphasis here is now all on the waist. 
Not totally comfortable drawing attention to your waist? The top doesn’t have to be completely fitted, just look for a slim cut.

look 4




look 2




look 3



look 5




Want to ease in to this trend? Opt for denim or a neutral tone.

look 7


Or, just go all in with some color!

pink pants 4 ways


blue pants 4 ways


What do you think? Is the wide-legged look something you plan to try? Leave a comment and let me know!

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