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Spring Trends: The Full Skirt

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Quite possibly my favorite trend for Spring this year? The full, flowy skirt.
Guys, I LIVE in skirts and dresses in the summer. Pretty much from June until September you won’t see me in a pair of pants, particularly jeans. Seriously. Who can handle jeans when it’s a million degrees out? Not this girl. That means I’m always on the lookout for easy, comfortable and COOL items to get me through the summer heat. So, obviously, I’m LOVING that full skirts are having a moment right now.
While a full skirt can definitely give a “dressy” vibe, you can make some easy swaps for a more casual look.

green skirts

¬†Something as simple as a shirt swap takes this look from “special occasion” to a more casual look. Adding a fun print with the bag keeps this young and fresh and just screams summertime.



black and white skirts

Super Chic Item + Denim = Casual Chic. Now this is the kind of equation that really would have been helpful in school, right?



blue skirts

I’m really into blues and blacks right now. There’s just something so sophisticated and just, well, cool about this color combo.



denim skirts

I can’t imagine that everyone loves a good motorcycle jacket as much as I do, but, it’s my blog, so I don’t care. You’re going to keep seeing them! It’s just such a great item and I love to pair a tough jacket with a really feminine outfit.



yellow skirts

Same color palette, but two totally different looks!



purple skirts

I need this skirt. This is “the” color of the year and I can’t stop thinking about different ways to wear it. ¬†


OK, so who is jumping on the full skirt wagon with me? Anyone?  










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