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Shopping Your Closet: Blazer

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More than likely you have some sort of jacket in your closet right?  If not, I really can’t recommend the benefits of a good blazer enough! Hopefully I’ll have you sold by the end of this post!! 

red jacket


It’s definitely one of those items that you will wear over and over again! (And if red’s not your thing, feel free to go with a classic black! I’d recommend a perfectly fitting black blazer to just about anyone!) Today I’ve got 4 different ways to style your favorite blazer! (It’s easy, I promise!)


with jeans

Do you have a go-to outfit?  If I’m running late or just can’t figure out what to wear, more than likely I’ve settled on jeans, top, blazer.  It’s easy, comfortable, and instantly looks polished and pulled together.  Swap your flats/heels for the occasion and make it fit your style!



with black pants


A pair of black pants (or other colors) with heels take this from casual to work appropriate.



with skirt


I love this as a “dressy-casual” look. The skirt and shoes are playful but the blazer adds some sophistication. 



with maxi



When the weather turns a little cooler this fall (or those random cold days in the spring) throw a blazer over your favorite maxi. Instant polish.

See how easy it is to build outfits from items you probably already own? Don’t be afraid to experiment!  

Originally published April 30, 2014

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