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For as long as I can remember I have loved puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word puzzles, all of them. I love seeing all the pieces and finding a solution. I completely understand that some people do not like this. What can I say? I’m not the coolest girl out there for sure, but for me, puzzles are super fun! (Seriously, I’m not cool.)

I like to look at getting dressed as a puzzle too, a fun game of mixing and matching and finding new ways to wear things. Again, not up everyone’s alley, but something you should at least try every now and then!

I decided to make a few different outfits on Polyvore showing different ways to wear one clothing item. If you haven’t visited Polyvore, it’s a website that lets you create collages out of photos of items of clothing and accessories. You can create your own “sets” of outfits, and also link to the sites to purchase the items. It’s a great site to get inspiration as well. Similar to other social media sites, you can “follow” others members and see the collections they create.

I thought I’d start with a pretty basic item- a white tank. The one I used is from Zara and sells for $60. (Again, these are just suggestions, you can definitely find a similar white tank at many price points.)

While simple, I love the piping and asymmetrical hem. I love a good asymmetrical hem. (That’s normal, right?) The first outfit I put together is something I would wear for a fun night out with friends or a nice dinner out with my husband. Who am I kidding, I’d probably wear this grocery shopping, but I’ve been know to overdress.

With the volume of the top, I’d stick with a fitted pair of pants, they don’t have to be skinny, I’d just stay away from anything with a flare. (Good rule to follow: volume on top- keep it fitted on bottom, volume on bottom- keep it fitted on top.) The red shoes add the perfect pop of color and the clutch throws in just the right texture to keep it interesting without taking away from the simplicity of the outfit.

For something to wear to work, I’d add the tank under a blazer and a simple pencil skirt and some heels. I know this may not be practical if you are a elementary school teacher, but if you work in a fancy office, go for it. I’m pretty sure if you are an elementary school teacher (or parent of young children) you aren’t wearing a white anything. So disregard this post entirely. Kidding. Just save it for your summer time outfits or when your children are out of the sticky hand phase.

Apparently I’m feeling the white, black and red thing today. I’ll throw in some other color in the next set I promise!

Let’s say you don’t work in a fancy office, but need something a little more casual. Done.

I’m not kidding, there are a billion ways to wear this tank top, or any tank top for that matter. Want to carry it into the fall/winter?

Throw on a cardigan, grab a belt to give yourself some shape and wear with a pair of jeans and boots. But not Uggs. Please. Just say no to Uggs. (I mean, the name itself says it all, ugh.)

So, there you go, 1 white tank, 4 totally different outfits that you can style your own way!

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