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Mixing Prints

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I recently asked for some blog requests on my Facebook page to see what you guys want to read about.  I got some really great suggestions and today’s post is actually in response to one!  Brenna, of Frilly Farm Girl, asked about mixing prints and different textures. Great idea! Mixing and matching prints can be tricky, especially if you going for more of an “every day” look, rather than say, photo spread in Vogue. (What, you don’t do those often? Must just be me.)
 Mixing and Matching cover


I’ve put together a few tips and pictures (of course!) to help you navigate mixing and matching. The key to wearable (and not magazine editorial) mixed patterns is to keep things simple! (Click on each photo for individual item detail.)
  • You can definitely steer clear of a style mishap by keeping prints and patterns in the same color scheme. Think black and white stripes with black and white polka dots.

Mixed Prints 1


Mixed Prints 16


Mixed Prints 11

  • Two is key. Two different textures or prints will look cohesive, three can be too busy. One print needs to act as a neutral, so as not to clash.

Mixed Prints 2


Mixed Prints 8

Mixed Prints 14

 Mixed Prints 4

  • Think of stripes as a neutral. Try them with a floral print or a geometric design.

Mixed Prints 6

Mixed Prints 15

Mixed Prints 13

  • Proportions are important. Mix a micro (small) print with a macro (larger).

 Mixed Prints 7

Mixed Prints 12

  • Mix textures in the same way. Pair a tweed skirt with a sheer striped top, a textured top with plaid pants, or a lace skirt with a denim shirt.

Mixed Prints 9

Mixed Prints 10

From there, just keep experimenting! You’ll be amazed at the possibilities in your closet once you start putting different patterns and textures together.  Which look is your favorite?

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  1. Love this, Jamie! Thanks for all the wonderful tips and ideas! Cant wait to try some out! :)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Helping bloggers get discovered by new followers! :) Check out my blog post to see the questions you will be answering!

    1. Thanks so much!

  3. Celia says:

    I especially like the aztec sweater & jeans and the red and white striped sweater with the black and white polka dot skirt – those are my favorites, and I might be on the hunt for those pieces now. :)

    1. I love those too!

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