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Style It: What to Wear with a Leopard Bag

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Right before my senior year of high school I decided that I wanted to take my clothing choices up a notch or two. Now I had always loved clothing and loved trying new trends but I still generally played it safe. I remember doing some back to school shopping and finding an awesome pair of (faux) leather pants and a leopard skirt that I just knew would make my senior year great. I don’t really recall if senior year was so fantastic (I do know that I was so very ready to graduate!) but I do know that I continued to develop my personal style that year (and won Best Dressed!) and tried things I hadn’t before.

And while that leopard skirt made several appearances that year (I wore it on the first day of school – first impressions mean a lot!) I do know that leopard hasn’t exactly been a staple in my closet since then. Now there’s the cardigan story you might remember, but other than that, I tend to like my leopard print in small doses. Recently I came across a gorgeous leopard clutch in a local boutique and it got me to seek out other leopard bags online! I’ve got a few outfit ideas, plus some favorites to check out!

outfit 1 leopard bag

An accessory that pops but doesn’t compete with a fierce dress like this red number!


outfit 2 leopard bag

A leopard tote takes a casual look to new heights of sophistication!


outfit 3 leopard bag

Sweet and flirty and the leopard bag adds a nice contrast!

outfit 4 leopard bag

Chic enough for the office and still fun for after-hours!

A few favorites:

leopard bag options

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Originally published August 24, 2016


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  1. Love those bags! I also like my leopard in little doses but for me it usually comes with my leopard flats. They are my absolute favorite shoes!

    1. I’ve been trying to find some leopard flats! Those would be great!

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