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How Would You Wear: Jeans and Tee

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Let’s get back to basics, shall we? On those days when you’re faced with the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma, take a look around your closet and reach for your favorite jeans and a simple tee. You’ve got the foundations now for a fantastic outfit! That’s right, I said foundations. Before you reach for your battered tennis shoes and head for the door, let’s style and accessorize those basics into something great! Here’s where I need your input though, I want to know how you would wear your jeans & tee!


Here are your basics, and now choose your favorite option!

Option 1:

jeans and tee outfit 1

It really can be as simple as grabbing the right bag and shoes! A simple outfit becomes ultra chic.

Option 2

jeans and tee outfit #2

A neutral jacket and shoes let a bold bag shine.


Option 3

jeans and tee third outfit

You’ve still got your simple jeans and tee, but a cozy kimono adds some fun design.

Option 4

jeans and tee outfit #4

If jeans are allowed at the office, this outfit would be perfect!

Option 5

jeans and tee outfit 5

You don’t have to give up comfort! A sleek pair of sneakers adds a casual touch while still keeping the look fresh.

Now the question is, which outfit is your favorite? How would you style your jeans and tee?

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  1. All are so cute! Loving number 5 the most <3

    Edye |

  2. I always feel like adding my leopard flats and a gold necklace makes it a way better outfit. But I am just as likely to add mu chucks and a cardigan!

  3. So many things you can do with a jeans and tee “uniform.” Option #1 most closely matches my style.

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