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How would you style a white tee and jeans

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This post is all about your personal style! Take a look at my options below on how to style a white tee and jeans and let me know which look you’d wear!

I love finding a couple of pieces that work for just about everyone! A basic tee and jeans turns into a look that’s just “You”, depending on what you pair with it? So, how would you style a simple white t-shirt and jeans? I’ve got four totally different looks below, all centered around some pretty common basics!

Are you a blazer and heels kind of girl (A), more into your ankle boots and floral scarf (B), in love with kimonos (C), or a little more preppy with your cardigan and cute flats (D) Tell me!

How to Style a White Tee and Jeans


t-shirt style

I could see myself wearing all these looks, but the one that’s most “me” is probably A, though I’m having a hard time deciding for sure. :)

Originally published July 21, 2015

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  1. a or c depends on the situation

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