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How to Wear Pink

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The color pink can be a bit polarizing. While I know lots of women who love to wear it, accessorize with it and even decorate with it, others aren’t so fond of this traditionally feminine shade. Pinks, particularly this fun bumble-gum-y shade, is on trend right now and regardless of your style, this is one trend that can work for you! Let’s talk how to wear pink!

If your personal style is a little on the casual/boho side, pink can add a fun punch to your look:

how to wear pink boho

Pink Cape


If you’re after a more flirty, preppy look, pink is your pick:

how to wear pink 3

Pink Skirt


And if you prefer a little bit of edge, that works too!

how to wear pink 7

Pink Dress


And if you’re not afraid of color, throw in some red:

how to wear pink 4

Pink Sweater


Or some yellow:

how to wear pink 5

Pink Top


Pink accessories are perfect if you’re looking to play it a little safer:

how to wear pink 6

Pink Flats


how to wear pink 8

Pink Clutch

What about you? Are you a pink kind of girl?

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