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How to Wear Grey

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I love the color grey, it’s one of my favorite neutrals! It’s my go-to for home decor (when I’m not feeling white or black) but as someone with a bit warmer skin tone it’s never been a color that looks great on me -not that that always stops me from wearing whatever colors I want! I like finding those shades that really make me (and not just the clothes) “pop” but I do have a few tips for wearing the colors you like, even if they’re not the most flattering! A few tricks for wearing grey (or any color!)

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Some tips for how to wear grey, or any shade that's not your color, on JK Style!

1. Keep it away from your face!

Instead of grey tops and jackets I usually opt for grey jeans or skirts instead! I can still wear my favorite color combinations – grey and pink, grey and navy, grey and black, grey and well, any other color!

how to wear grey tips skirts and pants

Jeans // Skirt

2. Layer up

You’ve got lots of options to still incorporate grey (or any color of your choice) into your wardrobe! Layer your favorite grey top under a statement necklace or scarf, or under a cardigan or blazer in a shade that does flatter your skin tone. You can add pops of grey all over!

how to wear grey layering grey

Dress // Scarf // Blazer // Top // Jeans

3. Accessorize

how to wear grey - accessories

Clockwise from top: Shoes // Bag // Shoes // Bag // Watch // Bag

Grey accessories, of course! Grey bags and shoes are the perfect way to get this color into your closet! And lucky for you (and me) grey is easy to find!

Ready to add some grey into your wardrobe? Or what’s the one color you’ve been wanting to wear but feel like you can’t?

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