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How to Style a Green Jumpsuit

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Need some outfit inspiration? Today I’m sharing how to style a green jumpsuit in some different ways

*Enjoy this post from last spring while I’m taking some maternity leave!*

So, I tried something new. You know those styling videos you see on Instagram where people show you how to wear something or basically change their clothes in front of you? Well, I didn’t do any actual changing in front of you, but I did do a styling video!

I’ve been loving my super comfy green jumpsuit I picked up at OkieGypsy and wanted to find some other ways to wear it, including some ideas for the time I won’t be just stuck at home! 

how to style a green jumpsuit

I used all things I already had in my closet, a plain t-shirt, kimono, button-down shirt, and others, to create six different looks. If you don’t have a green jumpsuit, no problem! You can substitute it for something you do have, or just use my ideas as a starting point to trying some new things in your closet.

I’m going to go ahead and post this before my embarrassment catches up with me and I chicken out. :) So, here’s the video on how to style a green jumpsuit. Let me know what you think! Unless it’s mean, then don’t tell me. :)

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1 Comment

  1. Susan Robinson, Okie Gypsie Boutique says:

    I love this!! When you dressed the green jumpsuit up with the belt and black jacket!❤️ This is very helpful to me, I try to be creative, but can always use tips and yours are the best!

    Thank you!

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