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Goodbye Skinnies, Hello Flares

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Denim’s a funny thing. It’s become such a staple in wardrobes that most people are more attached to their favorite brand than they are to their doctor or dentist. Finding the best jeans for your body that you’ll wear countless times? The ultimate dream. Well, if you dream in fashion. (That’s kind of like dreaming in color, just FYI.)
Denim styles come and go along with other trends but it was still a little surprising to hear that skinny jeans are taking a backseat this year! They’ve been the go-to style for years now and while millions of women are now sighing with relief and pulling their bootcut and flared jeans out of the closet, I know a lot of you are panicking about the thought of having to stash your skinnies for a bit. 
Never fear, I’ll show you how to style your flares and pretty soon those skinny jeans will be a distant memory. (Or, just keep wearing them if you want. If you find a denim style that works for your body, THAT’S THE STYLE YOU SHOULD BE WEARING.) Besides, skinny jeans will be back on top one of these days!

Bye  Bye Skinnies

The feminine details of the earrings and purse are a great contrast to the tougher plaid and denim.  This look is really easy to wear and extra adorable. Plus, the really small flare is great for easing into this trend!

bootcut jeans 1

Shirt // Jeans // Earrings // Bag // Shoes


If your jeans have a flare, try not to overwhelm yourself with too much fabric. Layering works as long as you stay away from items that are really bulky or have too many details (ruffles, layered hems, etc.). 

bootcut jeans 2

Shirt // Sweater // Jeans // Necklace // Bag // Shoes


Another trend big in 2015? All white outfits. And before you freak, look how chic this outfit is! You can do it, I promise.

white flare jeans

Shirt // Jeans // Bracelet// Clutch // Shoes


This denim on denim look might just solve your next “what do I wear?” crisis!

denim flare

Shirt // Jeans // Watch // Bag // Shoes



Think those flares are too casual for Casual Friday? Think again. 

blazer with jeans

Shirt // Jacket // Jeans // Bracelet // Bag // Shoes


What do you think? Ready to store your skinnies for a bit and pull out your bootcut and flared jeans? You can do it!
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