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Going Green: St. Patrick’s Day Style

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So, not exactly “going green” in the environmentally-friendly sense, but it’s St. Patrick’s Day and that means avoiding all the pinchers out there. (But really, if you’re an adult that’s still getting pinched by people, rethink your friends.) 

I remember starting a new job seven years ago on St. Patrick’s Day. It was kind of tricky getting dressed that day. Do you wear a green shirt and let people think you’re really into the holiday? Do you skip green altogether only to show up to some sort of green-themed work party and get labeled the no-fun co-worker? (And yes, if you’re thinking that I put too much time into this, you’re right.)

How do you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day while also remaining totally nonchalant about the whole thing. “Oh, is it St. Patrick’s Day? I didn’t even know.” Here’s how:

With this white dress, the focus is on a fun spring-like print, the green is just an after-thought!


St. Patricks 1
 Again, the focus here is on a pastel palette, not screaming “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
St. Patricks Day 2Skip the shamrocks, save the style. You’ve got your green, but without the fuss. 
St. Patricks Day 3


Totally work appropriate, you’ll both fit in with the green crowd, but can still hang with those that are just too cool to care.

St. patrick's 4


How do you dress for St. Patrick’s Day? Are you into the green or just celebrating a Tuesday?

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