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Fashion Over 30: Part 4 Glitter Nail Polish and Trendy Denim

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Let’s start our week with a little more rule-breaking! For the fourth part of this Fashion Over 30 series, let’s tackle a couple of new items today – glitter nail polish and trendy denim! (And if you’ve missed parts one, two or three, make sure you check them out!)

fashion over 30 part 4


7. Glitter Nail Polish

I don’t care if you’re 5 or 85, if you like glitter, wear it! And if you feel like you’re too old for lots of sparkles, nail polish can be a great way to wear them a little more subtle-y.

Here are a few glitter nail polish ideas I love right now:

fashion over 30 nail polish glitter

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

A few tips for wearing glitter polish:

1. If you’re worried about looking too young, you can always stick to pale pinks, gold, or silver instead of brighter blues, greens or hot pinks.

2. A glitter top coat will be more noticeable than a shimmer polish. A gorgeous metallic gold with some sparkle can still be ultra sophisticated!

3. For just a hint of glitter try a French manicure and instead of a white tip, opt for a glittery silver or gold!

Fashion over 30 can include glitter nail polish
Yep, definitely not giving this up!


8. Trendy Denim

“Mom” jeans might have made a fashionable comeback in recent years on runways, but please know that for us “normal” folks, you don’t have to opt for shapeless jeans once you hit a certain age! Fortunately through the years plenty of denim brands have emerged that offer great styles, no matter your age! With denim styles like straight, bootcut, trouser and boyfriend making the rounds, it’s very easy to incorporate the style(s) you like!

  • Like the distressed look but don’t want to show too much skin? Less is more like with this pair from NYDJ:

Fashion Over 30 NYDJ Sylvia Relaxed Boyfriend


  • Skinny jeans making the rounds again but their not super flattering on you? Go for a straight style instead:

Fashion over 30 straight legged jeans trendy denim style


  • Not loving jeans for “casual Friday” but you still want to fit in? A flare or trouser style could be the¬†perfect choice:

Fashion Over 30 Trendy denim flare

Not sure which denim style is best for you? Check out my denim guide!

Remember, a dark wash in any style will always be modern and sophisticated!

That’s all for today, now get out there and break some rules!

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