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Fashion Over 30: Part 2 Sparkly Pants and Oversized Sunglasses

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In the first¬†installment of our “Fashion Over 30” rule-breaking we tackled graphic tees and leopard print. today we’ll focus on the next two on the list: sparkly pants and oversized sunglasses! Now sunglasses seem a little easier to process as something everyone might want to pull off rather than sparkly pants, but we’ll see what I come up with!

Fashion over 30 list part 2


3. Sparkly Pants (or skirts, tops, etc…)

Now before you point your arrow towards the X up in the corner, hear me out. Obviously if you’re not into sparkly things, this might be a section you’ll want to skip over, which is totally fine! However, if you like the idea of adding some sparkles to your clothing but don’t think you can pull it off I’m here to help! Now the lists I saw all mentioned sparkly pants, but I’m sure it’s safe to assume that you could substitute the pants for a sparkly or sequined top, skirt, dress, or whatever!

You can always go full on sequin like with any of the pants below. In a neutral shade like black, gold or silver these are easily paired with a solid top and simple shoes.

fashion over 30 sequined pants

Black // Silver & Black // Gold // Silver

fashion over 30 sequined pants 1

via H&M website
via H&M website

And if that’s a little too much sequin for you? Try more of a sequin accent!

fashion over 30 sequined pants 2

Sequined Tie Pants

A sequined belt with these pants adds a hint of sparkle to this still casual look. And did you noticed it’s paired with a graphic tee?? If these looks still feel too young to you, you can always swap out the sequined pants for a sequined sweatshirt, tee, or other accessory like a clutch or bag.

fashion over 30 sequined clothing

Grey // Tank // Skirt // Black Tee

I love the idea of a sequined tank or tee under a blazer or cardigan. Easy sophistication no matter your age!

sequined bag fashion over 30



4.  Oversized Sunglasses

Honestly I have no idea why this made the list to begin with! Oversized sunglasses seem like a pretty standard item these days and one I don’t think you need to drop once you hit 30, 50, or 80! The size of sunglasses you choose should rely only on two things:

  • Your face shape
    • Just like finding the clothing that fits your body, find the sunglasses that fit your face! Here are a couple of great resources for finding what works for you. 1 and 2
  • Your personal style
    • Face shape not quite the right fit for oversized glasses? If that’s the style you like, wear them!

A few favorite pairs if you’re in a market for a new pair! (And three pair are under $15!)

fashion over 30 oversized sunglasses options

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Next week we’ll tackle part 3: ear cuffs and tulle skirts!

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