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Fashion Over 30: Part 5 Loud Accessories and Beaded Tops

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We’ve finally come to the end of our list! I hope you’re wearing something bold, awesome, and supposedly inappropriate for your age as you read this! Let’s wrap up this Fashion Over 30 series today and get back to our rule-breaking lives, shall we?? (You can catch parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you haven’t already!)

Part 5 Fashion Over 30


9. Loud Accessories

Come on. Going from 29 to 30 (or 70) does not equate with dressing boring and trying to disappear! If your style runs loud, go for it! If it doesn’t? Well, go for it a little less loud-ly. ;)

A few ideas for living loud:

Loud Accessories for Fashion Over 30

Loud Accessories for Fashion Over 30


10. Beaded (or Jeweled) Tops

Now this is just silly. Embellishments on clothing don’t have age requirements and a beaded or jeweled top can be gorgeous – and appropriate – at any age! Don’t want to go full-on beaded? Look for a top with an embellished neckline or shoulders. This top I got from Versona a couple of years ago would be perfect now, or 30 years from now! (Unless we’re all in some sort of sci-fi uniforms by then. I’m pretty sure I’d revolt.)

Fashion Over 30 Beaded or Jeweled Tops

Some more favorite beaded tops:

Fashion Over 30 can include beaded tops

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If you didn’t get anything else out of my Fashion Over 30 Style Guide beside knowing there truly are no rules, I’m happy with that! Now which “rule” will you break today?

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  1. I’m 33 and I can’t say that my style has changed all that much since my 20’s. Although that’s probably because I now have 2 kids under 2… :/ lol

    1. Well the good news is that as long as you like what you wear it doesn’t matter how old you are!

  2. These are very cute! Good for even 50 and up like me.

    1. Definitely! That was the whole point of the series – as long as you feel good in your clothing, you can wear whatever you want whether you’re 20, 40, 60 or 80!

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