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Fashion Over 30: Part 3 Ear Cuffs and Tulle Skirts

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I’m back with Part 3 of our “Fashion Over 30” series, where we’ll breaking all these so-called rules about what to wear at certain ages! I hope you’ve been enjoying your graphic tees, oversized glasses, leopard print and sparkly pants! (If you haven’t yet, see Part 1 and Part 2!) And today we’re focusing on the next ridiculous items on the list: ear cuffs and tulle skirts!

fashion over 30 part 3 tulle skirts and ear cuffs

5. Ear Cuffs (and Crawlers) 

First, if you’re not quite sure what an ear cuff is, it’s basically an earring that cuffs around the side or lobe of your ear. Now before images of 90’s style cartilage piercings flood your brain, I’m talking a very modern take on this trend. I’m including crawlers in here too as they’ve been quite trendy lately and both styles are one that can be enjoyed, no matter your age!

Ear Cuff example:

Fashion over 30 ear cuff example

Fashion over 30 ear cuff on woman

Crawler Example:

Fashion over 30 crawlers earrings


Fashion Over 30 Crawlers earrings

So now that we know what they are, there’s no reason not to wear them! While an ear cuff definitely makes a bolder statement, there are some gorgeous and understated options available that would be perfect whether you’re 19, 39, 59 or 89! Remember that with a bold piece of jewelry, less is more! If you’re wearing a bold ear cuff or crawler, skip the chunky necklace and rings and let the earrings shine on their own!

A few favorite cuffs and crawlers: (And just a shopping hint, my mom has a few gorgeous crawlers she’s found at Francesca’s!)

fashion over 30 ear cuffs and crawlers

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 

7. Tulle Skirts

Now if you’re picturing a little girl’s tutu or a fluffy princess ball gown, let me assure you there are other options! In fact, I own two different tulle skirts myself! The first is a black pencil skirt with tulle overlay I picked up a couple of years ago in Europe:

Fashion over 30 tulle skirt

While a full tutu-like skirt definitely looks a little “little girl-ish”, this particular style of a pencil skirt with a layer of tulle keeps things modern and a little more mature. (You can see how I styled this skirt here.)

My other tulle skirt is a maxi I picked up from Kohls last year!

Fashion over 30 tulle maxi skirt

I’ve got to say, this skirt brings in LOTS of compliments from little girls and big girls alike! The first day I wore it to church (paired with a simple black sweater), women of all ages loved it! I know I never plan to grow out of a princess stage, so this is a great way to “play dress up” as an adult without actually looking like you’re in a costume! The key is always styling, styling, styling! If I pair this maxi skirt with a sequin blazer, jeweled heels and chunky stone jewelry, I start to go costume instead of “outfit”. The goal isn’t costume (well, unless you’re actually looking for a costume!) so keep things simple! This summer I opted for a black tank with this skirt and gold sandals and it was a perfect summery, fun look! A few other styling options:

fashion over 30 Tulle maxi skirts

Want to make a tulle skirt work for you? A few tips

  • Keep it longer: too short and you look too tutu-y – if you’re not a fan of shorter skirts, a maxi skirt truly works for any age!
  • Keep it neutral: skirts in black, cream, grey, navy, or light pink (mine is blush) will pair easily with another neutral top. Let the tulle skirt stand alone (and not compete) for the spotlight!
  • Remember, styling is everything! Simple accessories and shoes are always great!

Finally, a few tulle skirts that pass my test:

fashion over 30 tulle skirts 1

1 // 2 // 3 

fashion over 30 tulle skirts 1

1 // 2 // 3

So now we’ve tackled two more items on the list! And right now I’m thinking we ALL need that navy maxi skirt above! Stay tuned for the next installment where we’ll look at glitter nail polish and trendy denim!

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