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Outfit Makeover – Jeans and a T-Shirt

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I’m doing some traveling this week so I hope you’ll enjoy a few recycled posts! You can follow along with my trip on Instagram (JKStyle1)!

One thing that drives me crazy is when people use the excuse of “no time” to justify their lack of style (effort). Sorry folks, you just can’t use that as an excuse! Take the average outfit you see out grocery shopping or at the mall.  In fact, I even saw something very similar at a wedding shower once.

tee and jeans

Here you have a baggy t-shirt, ill-fitting pair of “mom” jeans, a pair of sneakers and any random bag. Don’t get me started on bags that don’t match your outfit. Ugh.

I simply do not understand the appeal of a t-shirt like this. Or most t-shirts in general. Don’t get me wrong, I wear t-shirts: to sleep in, to work out in, and yes, I will put on the OKC Thunder shirts at games that they leave in your chair during playoffs. (I’m not that girl.) I just don’t see how they are acceptable “wear” for most other occasions.

At the very least, wear something a little bit fitted with no logo! Take the same combination of t-shirt, jeans, bag, and shoes and swap for some better fitting and more coordinated items and you have:


tee and jeans 2

Seriously, SAME combination. And this is NOT taking any extra time. In fact, if you throw on flats you are actually saving time by not wearing socks! If you insist on a casual look, this is the way to go! And if you’re feeling extra ambitious (can you detect my sarcasm?) go ahead and throw on a blazer!


jeans and tees

Just a little something to consider next time you leave the house! We’d all appreciate it. 

** Full Disclosure: About an hour after I finished this post I ran to Dollar General in workout pants and a grey t-shirt. In my defense, it was a fitted tee and no one saw me. :)

Originally published March 21, 2014

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  1. I’m looking for the perfect blazer – I really want a pink one! I don’t like ones that are super short or boxy, and I haven’t had luck so far.

    1. Are you looking for hot pink? Pale pink? Something in between? I was in JC Penney a few days ago and they had some hot pink blazers. I didn’t stop to look to see what the quality was like, or how there were cut, but I don’t think they were boxy or short. I have pretty good luck with blazers at Kohls (Lauren Conrad collection), Zara and the Limited. Oh, and some of my favorites have come from Forever 21. I have a couple of great blazers- one hot pink and one mint green from there that are cut great and I love!

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