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Current Obsession: Milly Floral Skirt

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You know when you’re wearing a fantastic outfit? Not just something pretty or trendy, but something that so totally fits your personality and is so “you” that you can’t help but feel like the best version of yourself when wearing it? (Goal in life: more outfits like this!) This Milly floral skirt (from the latest Kohls collaboration) is one of those pieces for me:
kohls floral skirt milly
I am obsessed with this skirt! I love the fit, the bold colors and pattern, everything about it! And since I’ve shared it a couple of times already (here and here), I know that you guys like it too! (I can see how many times you all clicked on the link!) I figured if I wanted to try some new styling with it, you might want to too!
A few weeks ago I paired it with a black sleeveless top and heels to church and felt amazing. I loved this outfit!

floral skirt 1

Top // Skirt // Earrings // Bag // Shoes


Since it’s such a bold piece, I definitely want to change it up every now and then when I wear it. One idea (that I already shared a couple weeks back that you might remember):

striped tee 3

Shirt // Skirt // Earrings // Clutch // Shoes




And I saw Olivia Palermo wearing it in an outfit similar to this: I love the blue shoes and coral bag!
floral skirt 3Shirt // Skirt // Nail Polish // Clutch // Shoes


What else can we do with it? Since we’re obviously not afraid of bold color, how about red on top?

floral skirt 4

Shirt // Skirt // Earrings // Clutch // Shoes


A few more ideas for spring and summer:

floral skirt for spring summer

Striped Tee // Pink Top // Blazer // White Top 


And just in case I’m still crazy about it come September, a few ideas for the fall:

floral skirt for fall

Black // Blue // Jacket


Love the Milly Floral Skirt like I do? Hate it? Tell me!


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  1. I love this skirt! Too bad I literally have nowhere to wear something like that

    Kellie’s Kollection

    1. Maybe you should create an occasion for it! (I bought a gorgeous formal dress recently with absolutely no where to wear it! I’m determined to find a reason to wear it! :)

  2. Love it. Can’t wait to see in on you! jodie

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