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Contrary to what it may seem, I am not shopping constantly. Wait, scratch that, I’m not buying constantly. While I do add a few pieces each season, I really try to make the most of the items I do have by finding new ways to wear them. Today I’m doing a little wardrobe remix with a few of my favorite items!

wardrobe remix cover


Beaded Top 

dex beaded chiffon top

I purchased this top by Dex back in the fall from Dry/Shop in OKC. I usually pair it with dark jeans and a black blazer if the temperature calls for it, but I’ve been wanting to experiment a little so I opted for the outfit on the right for church recently. I love the bright blue and the bead work on the top gives the outfit a glamorous vibe.

Dex Beaded Top

Red Skirt

red skirt

Then there’s my favorite skirt. It’s very versatile, and I feel like it goes with a lot, but I’d still like to think outside the box a bit.  Instead of my usual mix of black/white with red, why not throw in some blues and browns?

red banan republic skirt


Printed Coat

TopShop Duster

I picked up this snake printed jacket in Europe and haven’t had a chance to wear it since it’s been so warm. As you can tell above, I always love a black/white/red combo but it’s fun to change it up a bit and still keep things sophisticated and fun.

TopShop Coat


Any tips you have for remixing your wardrobe? Don’t forget to enter the Nasty Gal Gift Card Giveaway that ends in a couple of days! Enter here and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

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