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From Bad to Good: Dressing for Comfort

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Today I’m taking another really unflattering outfit I see quite often and showing how you can take the same item combinations and improve your look!
For some reason unknown to man, gaucho pants were really big about 10 years ago.

gaucho pants


Granted, they are probably comfortable. But so are Snuggies (so I hear) and you’re not wearing those out in public are you? (If so, please go to the tab at the top of the page and click “Services” and call me. Now.)
First of all, ANY pant in a capri length is NOT flattering. Sorry. Unless you are 6’4 you’re not doing yourself any favors by wearing them. (Why, WHY do people insist on shortening their legs this way?) And you’re certainly not doing yourself any favors by wearing them in a stretchy cotton fabric that pools around your calves and flattens your rear end. Gag me. Plus, this thin material is not forgiving of any type of bulge or lump, so, yeah.
Another item I take issue with? The Bolero.



Another big item from a decade or so ago that for some reason just will. not. die. People, you can find a more flattering sweater. Trust me. If you’re over the age of nine, find something else.
While I hate these items individually, somehow they have become a combination I still occasionally see.

bad outfit


How did this become a go-to outfit for some people? If your goal is comfort, maybe. If your goal is comfort AND style, well, you’re losing that game here.
Take that same combination (cardigan, tank, flowy bottoms, bag and shoes) and try something like this:

better outfit


or this:


comfort dressing


First, take a skirt that hits you in a flattering spot. Whether it’s a maxi and goes to your feet, or it hits a flattering spot on your leg, these are already sooo much better than those awful, awful pants. Next, you have a fitted cardigan that hits the right spot on your hipbone. You’ve still got comfort, you still have ease. And yet, you look much more pulled together. See how easy this is??
What outfits do you see out that you just don’t understand? Or if you have a question on a certain style let me know!

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