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1 Item, 5 Ways: Green Moto Jacket

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It’s the Monday after a time change, how are you holding up? I’m doing OK so far, but I imagine the afternoon slump might hit a little harder today! :) Maybe some shopping will help? If you saw Friday’s post, you know I’m all kinds of in love with my new green moto jacket. BUT, the ultimate test? Finding five ways to wear a green jacket that feel fresh and different, right? Let’s see what I can do!

**Still sharing a few older posts while I’m taking some new baby leave. :) I did update this a little with new shopping links so if you’re in the market for a green moto jacket (and why not??) there are some options!**

This post includes affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a commission at no cost to you.

Ways to Wear a Green Jacket

green moto jacket styling

1. With jeans and a white tee

This is how I styled it for Friday’s post and even though it’s super simple, it works. 

styling a moto jacket

I went with a black and silver sandal but a tan or nude heel or sandal would be cute too. Of course, a pair of my trusty Amazon jeans. :)

2. With a patterned top and jeans/pants

ways to wear a moto jacket - JK Style

I swapped my white tee and sandals for a gray dotted top and shimmery flats. Still cute and casual but a new mix of colors and patterns.

3. With a lace skirt and cami

ways to wear a green jacket - JK Style

I liked this look so much when I put it together that I actually wore it to church yesterday. This full skirt is always a great option (this one I picked up several years back at Versona) and the butterfly cami I bought at H&M in Europe on a study abroad trip when I was 19. You know, just a couple of years ago. :) (It’s held up well!) 

4. Over a colorful print dress

how to style a green moto jacket

I bought this dress a few years ago after seeing it online and once I tried it on I hated how it looked on me. (But it was so cheap it didn’t seem worth the hassle of returning it.) It just felt like too much fabric and just wasn’t right. I loved the color and print though so I’ve hung onto it, determined to make it work with a belt or something. This jacket seems to be the solution. I love this look! 

5. Green Jacket Over a Jumpsuit

styling a moto jacket - JK Style

A perfect pairing, if I do say so. I could totally see myself wearing these items together often, in fact this will probably be something I wear to the next conference/business event I attend. This is a good example of a “Jamie outfit”, if there ever was one. 

So many more!

Of course, there are plenty of ways to wear a green jacket that I didn’t have time to photograph. A LBD (little black dress), leather pants and a neutral top, black pants and a gray tank, black and white stripes or polka dots, the list goes on and on!

**Update as of Feb. 2021: Unfortunately this particular jacket isn’t available anymore (though you could try to locate it somewhere like Poshmark – search LC Lauren Conrad green moto jacket), I did find a few other options for you here, here, and here!

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