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1 Item, 5 Ways: Metallic Gold Maxi Skirt

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Can I make a confession? I get a lot of my “news” from People.com. I wouldn’t consider myself someone super interested in celebrities or anything, I just feel like they have the most popular of stories without being too sleazy and they cover some regular (non-entertainment) stuff too. It’s much less depressing than getting your news from say, an actual news source. :)

All that to say, their sponsored content and ads usually get me. Headlines like “The Amazing Bag Every Major Star Owns, and it’s Under $20!” is something I would definitely click on. (Surely it’s not just me, right? Please tell me you click these things too!) 

So when I saw a headline about a cheap gold maxi skirt six billion people and their moms all owned (I might be paraphrasing), I, of course, clicked.

And then I bought the skirt.

Because A) it’s shiny and I’m easily distracted by shiny thing, B) it was, in fact, cheap, and C) it had lots of good reviews so I figured it was worth a purchase (and would be easy to return if it didn’t work out).

As an Amazon affiliate as well as a member of other affiliate program, I may earn a commission off of purchases made through included links.

This skirt also comes in five different colors, and there’s a shorter length too, if you’d prefer that instead.

I got it in the mail a few weeks back but due to the business of life, it’s been sitting, still in it’s package on my desk. Until today, that is! I knew this would be a great skirt for the holiday season (Christmas Eve! A winter wedding! New Year’s Eve! Sitting on the couch watching the new season of Fuller House!) and I found a few fun ways to style it!

5 Ways to Style a Gold Maxi Skirt

1. Black Sweatergold maxi skirt styling - JK Style

This is the simplest (and most obvious) styling choice. But it still works! Pretty much any black fitted top would be great here, which means your shoe choices are also abundant!

2. Burgundy Jacket

gold maxi skirt styling - JK Style

A slightly more casual look, but I love pairing this jacket with just about anything! (Including the leopard skirt I bought!)

3. Red Beaded Top

gold maxi skirt styling - JK Style

I was going to try the skirt with a red sweater but really like showing off the gold beading on this top. I got this top several years back at Versona and love wearing it!

4. Turquoise Blazer

gold maxi skirt styling - JK Style

A little bit boss lady, a whole lot of holiday style. Maybe perfect for your work Christmas party? (My work Christmas party will likely consist of Indy and I eating chips and salsa, which is also just our regular day.)

5. Velvet Top

gold maxi skirt styling - JK Style

Ooh, I need a holiday wedding or fancy Christmas concert to wear this to! Someone, invite me to your wedding, please. :) 

Which of these looks is your favorite? It’s hard for me to turn down a jacket, so the burgundy and turquoise looks seems like the most obvious choices for me, personally. How about you? Could you see yourself wearing this gold skirt? 

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How to style a gold pleated maxi skirt in five different ways - JK Style

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  1. Amelia says:

    I love the velvet and skirt combo! I really think that suits you :) Glad I found this blog because it was getting hard to find a picture of a gold skirt that had the color I was looking for. Thanks for the review!

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