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The One Skirt You Need for Fall (and 10 Ways to Wear It)

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After years of avoiding it, I finally bought some animal print. There wasn’t a particular reason I was avoiding it. (Though you might recall my husband isn’t a fan, ha!) It just didn’t feel like “me”. Until just lately when it kind of started to.

I’ve been eyeing lots of leopard print lately, skirts, jackets, shoes, you name it. When I decided to try out SheIn a few weeks ago, I took the plunge and bought a skirt! It was just $15, so it seemed like a good investment! (It retails for $17, bit I had a coupon code. There’s always a coupon code on SheIn!)

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leopard skirt - JK Style

SheIn Skirt

Technically, I bought the cheetah print (though they also have a true leopard print), but really, I wouldn’t have known the difference between the two until I see them side by side. Sorry, cheetahs!

Here’s how I’ve worn it so far:

leopard skirt styling - JK Style

With this new addition to my closet I thought I’d better come up with some ideas on how to wear it. While black is the obvious choice, I wanted to mix things up a bit, so I thought I’d try to find five new ways to style a leopard skirt. But then I started pulling things from my closet and quickly found 10 ways! Here we go!

How to Style Leopard Skirt in 10 Ways

(OK, it’s technically cheetah, but you get the idea!)

1. Basic Black & Red

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

I started with my most obvious choice – a simple black sweater with a pair of patent red pumps. Easy choice but it works!

2. Crimson Wrap

leopard skirt styling - JK Style

A faux wrap top makes an easy pairing too. I paired it with some black heels for a classic look.

3. Green Asymmetrical

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

I like the idea of green with this print and this top has some interesting design detail. I thought I would tuck in the blouse but I ended up liking the way it looks!

4. Chambray & Ankle Boots

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

A more casual take, and one I really like! This is a good seasonal transition look too.

5. Pink & White

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

I think this drape-y pink jacket adds such a different spin on this look! This would be a great transition into spring too.

6. Black Polka Dots

leopard skirt styling ideas - JK Style

I love a good print mix and combining the gold polka dots on the blouse with the skirt print is a fun combo.

7. Red Sweater

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

This isn’t the most “blend in” look for sure. Between the bold red and the skirt, you’re bound to get a few looks tossed your way, but that’s not a bad thing!

8. Denim Jacket

leopard skirt styling ideas - JK Style

Another item I don’t wear much (if ever), maybe it’s time to rethink that! I know most people love a good denim jacket, so if you’ve got one, it’s a no-brainer for this skirt.

9. Purple Sweater

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

This might be one of my favorite styling ways! I like this soft sweater and it would be great with tall boots, booties, flats, or whatever.

10. Graphic Tee & Moto Jacket

how to style leopard skirt - JK Style

I don’t own many graphic tees (glad I have this one from Splendry!) but I really like this look! I might not normally do a tee on my own (just for the purpose of this post, ha), but I’d definitely wear my jacket with this skirt. Maybe just a solid gray or white tee would work for me. I do like the blue shoes with it too!

Out of those 10 leopard skirt styling ideas, which is your favorite? Or do you have some other ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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how to style a leopard skirt - JK Style

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  1. Love this!!! Great ideas! ❤️ This makes me want this skirt even more!

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