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How to Style a Kimono in 5 Different Ways

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Talking about some different ideas on how to style a kimono today! Let me know which is your favorite.

*Still sharing some older posts while I’m on maternity leave! Since this was originally written in 2019 the links are (very likely) no longer shoppable but you can still use the photos as inspiration!**

Something super exciting happened last week. I got a question from one of you guys! I really love when people ask me to help or for my opinion, so feel free to do the same!

This person had a question about styling kimonos, specifically, how to style them so they don’t look like bath robes.

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This can definitely be tricky so I thought I’d see if I could help. I had her send me a photo of the kimono in question, this one she got in a subscription box:

how to style a kimono- JK Style

It doesn’t look like this kimono is available outside of the subscription box, but this one is kind of similar if you’re into that look.

My first styling tip would be to leave the kimono open. Since its got long ties (like a robe), it might look more robe-like tied up like one! If you’re not into letting the ties swing loose, try tying them loosely in the back, kind of criss-crossed. This will pull the kimono in a bit and keep the ties from getting caught between your legs while you walk. (Which is always awkward, ha!)

My go-to is usually wearing a kimono over my favorite black jumpsuit, but since this kimono is black, I’m going to try to dig a little deeper! Here are some ideas I put together over the weekend. I did go ahead and link the items below if anyone is interested in those exact pieces. As usual, most of the items are well under $50 though I do think a $300 pair of shoes snuck in there and I’m too lazy right now to go in and swap it for another. See if you can find it! :)

1. Daytime Casual

For an easy daytime look I’d wear this with a fitted white tee, jeans (distressed might be fun) and some black sandals.

how to style a kimono - JK Style

Tee / Denim / Sandals / Bag

I’m liking the contrast with the ultra-feminine kimono and the distressed denim. The fringe-y sandals and bag add some nice texture too, but any easy sandals and bag would work! You could swap some dark denim too if that’s more your style (it’s usually mine), that could help swing this over to a nighttime look too.

2. Playful Day (or Night!)

I think this outfit would work for day or night depending on your styling. Add some fancier accessories and no one will mistake your kimono for your sleepwear.

how to style a kimono - JK Style

Romper / Shoes / Bag 

Now I’ve never found a romper I could wear (long torso problems), but I like the idea of pairing a longer robe/kimono with  the shorter leg length on the romper.  Chunky sandals or flats would keep the romper from looking too short.

3. Fall transition

I like the idea of this kimono taking on a jacket quality. You could do this same outfit with a blazer or moto jacket, but the kimono adds a unique touch.

Tee / Gray Jean Leggings / Shoes / Bag

I feel like you can never go wrong with a pink/gray/black combo. Pairing this with a heeled sandal or pumps for sure takes away any “is that a bathrobe?” vibes!

4. A preppy take

I think this outfit is the most unexpected. I don’t think I’d normally have thought of putting these items together if I hadn’t been working on this post. I’m liking it though!

how to style a kimono - JK Style

Top / Pants / Boots / Bag 

Depending on your place of employment, I think this could maybe pass for work-appropriate too. Or at least you could throw on the kimono to take it to dinner after work.

5. Pattern Mix (or Match)

I went for some pattern mixing with this last look but you could easily opt for a solid shoe too. The neutral colors here all work together well, so you could really play around with textures and prints.

how to style a kimono - JK Style

Jumpsuit / Shoes / Bag 

This is another look I could see myself wearing. I love a good jumpsuit, thought I tend to gravitate to black usually. This look is going on my fall wish list for sure!

Now tell me, could you see yourself in any of these outfits? Which one is your favorite? And if you’ve got a styling question or a tricky item you don’t know how to wear, feel free to let me know! Shoot me an email (Jamie@JKStyle.com) or send me a message on social media and I’ll try to help! 

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