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How to Style a Black and White Striped T Shirt

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It’s a pretty basic item, and one you might already have in your closet! Today I’m showing you different ways to style a black and white striped t shirt.

I had the greatest intentions of getting two new posts up last week but got distracted a bit! We’re in full-on baby prep mode around here which includes a LOT of house things – updating a bedroom (pulling up carpet, painting, etc.), moving furniture around, oh, and getting new siding and windows for the house.

It’s…a lot, ha and I’m trying my best to keep up with everything while also working here, on Splendry, and taking care of the toddler in my care. :) It will all get done but once again, if things are going to slip through the cracks, it’s probably going to be here. Oh, and the Splendry newsletter which goes out on Tuesday mornings and I just realized it’s Tuesday. Oops.

ANYWAY. I do have a post for you today, and I really want to try to get one of the hair videos up I’ve been promising later this week. I’ll try my best!

For today though, let’s talk styling options! Specifically, how to style a black and white striped t shirt in some different ways. 

I’ve owned this particular striped tee for so long I don’t remember when I got it, only it’s from the Limited so that definitely puts the date back a few years. And, I’ve actually done a post on styling it before too, about six (six!) years ago. You can check that out for some additional ideas too. Of course none of the links will be shoppable but you can get some ideas!

A black and white striped tee is a great item to snag if you’re wanting a to experiment with patterns or print mixing but don’t really know where to start. It’s also a great alternative to a black OR white tee, just swap what you’d pair with those and you’ll still have a lot of options! (And personally, I love a good striped tee/floral combo like I did with this one.)

Here are some outfit ideas for a black and white striped tee:

1 Item, 5 Ways: Black and White T Shirt Styling

1. Striped T Shirt and Skirtblack and white striped t shirt outfit - JK Style

A black and white striped t shirt is the perfect addition to almost any outfit. It pairs perfectly with a fun skirt and is easy to dress up or down. This is an outfit I definitely wore to church a lot, and probably will again one day!

2.Striped T Shirt and Jeansblack and white striped t shirt outfit - JK Style

A black and white striped tee pairs perfectly with your favorite jeans, but why not add a fun moto jacket? You could literally pick any color, but I’m always a fan of adding red to black and white!

3. Striped T Shirt and Work-Ready Blazer

black and white striped t shirt styling - JK Style

See what I mean about the red? I’d also pair the top half with a pair of green pants, pink, blue, or, of course, black or gray! The colors aren’t what’s important here, it’s the fact that you can totally get away with wearing your favorite striped t shirt to work! :)

4. Striped T Shirt and Fun Coat

How to style a striped tee - JK Style

My coat closet (yes, I have a whole closet of coats) is full of bright, fun jackets and coats and this green addition has become a new favorite! I love a vibrant green with black and white stripes. Seems very “Kate Spade”, does it not?

5. Striped T Shirt and Denim Top

styling a striped tee - JK Style

Every time I wear this outfit people loooove it. I don’t know if it’s the pink shoes, or the denim, or the whole thing, but it’s a clear favorite! I like this more casual, still super fun styling option. 

Need a black and white striped t shirt of your own? Here are a few options I found online, all under $25 (and three of them are $15 and under!).

Want to pin this for later? 

T-Shirt Styling Ideas - JK Style

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