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1 Item, 5 Ways: Tall Boots

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You see a gorgeous pair of tall boots and just have to have them! The first day you throw them on with your jeans and sweater and continue to only wear them with that same outfit every time. No more! Let’s style your tall boots lots of new¬†ways today!

styling boots cover

The great thing about a pair of boot like this is how easy they are to dress up or down! Even with a casual plaid button down you’ll look polished.

styling boots 3


They work great with a simple top and jeans. Adding dainty accessories works great!

styling boots 1


I love the mix of colors here and the entire look is so sophisticated while remaining easy to wear!

styling boots 2


Wearing a statement boot doesn’t have to compete with bold colors! The neutral shoe works perfectly!

styling boots 4


I’m pretty in love with this outfit! A fitted dress and jacket keep things chic while the boot adds a little playfulness.

styling boots 6


And I might have gotten a little carried away with my styling. Today we’re styling tall boots in 7 different ways! This is my favorite outfit by far! The boots play a more understated (but important!) role!

styling boots 5


You can continue wearing these boots well into spring! A fun full skirt looks fab!

styling boots 7

Think you need a pair of tall boots?

Originally published October 28, 2015

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