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Value Gifts: Beauty Sets to Split Up this Christmas

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So many to buy for, so little money. I get it, I do. That’s why I’ve come up with a few ideas for value gift sets you can buy to split up and gift to several friends! (They’ll never know the difference!) From lip gloss to face masks, your friends will love it!

Buxom Freezes Over 15 Piece Mini Lip Collection

Gifts to Split Up Buxom Freezes Over 15 Piece Mini Lip Collection

That’s one 15 piece set for $45, meaning you could add a few to a small gift bag and have the perfect gift for lots of friends! Now it’s 5 sets of 3 glosses, 3 sets of 5 glosses, 2 sets of 7 glosses (with one left for you!) – however you want to split it up!


L’Occitane Hand Cream Collection

Gifts to split up L’Occitane Hand Cream Collection

Luxurious hand cream that’s perfect for gifting! This set of 5 sells for $42 at Sephora (or about $8 each).

NEST Eau de Parfum Collection Coffret

Gifts to Split up NEST Eau de Parfum Collection Coffret

A set of seven small rollerballs for just $36! You’ve got seven gifts for roughly $5 a piece!


Sephora Collection HOLY SHEET! Set

gifts to split up sephora collection holy sheet set

A 19 piece collection you can divvy up as you please! (You may want to keep a couple for yourself!)

e.l.f. 10 piece Nail Set 

value gifts beauty sets to split up elf jack of all shades 10 piece nail set

At just a dollar a piece, you’re a gifting genius!

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