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Thrifty Thursday: Gift Sets that Keep Giving

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Are you one of those people who finishes their Christmas shopping before December? I am not. In fact, it is now December 10th and I’ve purchased exactly three gifts, and that was only because I hopped online for ten minutes on Black Friday. I don’t know what to buy, I don’t know what to ask for, and as my husband is insisting to complete his Christmas shopping today, I better figure it out!
I was thinking today about gift giving and shopping lists and thinking about how quickly things add up when you’re shopping for many. I happened upon an article a few weeks back (though I don’t remember where) that suggested buying gift sets you could split up to make several gifts out of. Genius!! I’m not talking tiny samples you get from Sephora when you check out or $.50 clearance finds, I’m talking full-sized products or deluxe samples, the good stuff! Grab a gift set or two (or three!) and see how you can split it up among family and friends- they get some great gifts, you save some $$! A few suggestions:
$79 = 8 gifts (or less or more)!

bareminerals (1)

BareMinerals Set
This BareMinerals set is a great item for splitting up! You could gift 8 friends with two items each, three friends with five items, or however you want to do it! 


$18 = 2 gifts!

chloe set

Chloe Fragrance Set
Two perfectly gift-able fragrances in one under $20 set! Both come in boxes that are easy to wrap and put under the tree! 


$35 = 5 gifts!

nail and lips sets

Lip Gloss Set // Nail Polish Collection
Perfect for the girls in your office or in book club, grab a lip gloss and nail polish and wrap them up in some cellophane with a pretty bow. Perfect! And just $7 a piece!


$95 = 6 gifts (or maybe 7!)

philosophy and elf sets

Philosophy Fragrance Set // e.l.f. Eye Shadow Set
This Philosophy set comes with six (six!) fragrances and paired with a gorgeous eye shadow? You’re a gift-giving pro! Plus, with seven eye shadows and a brush you’ve either got yourself another cute gift (and your total down to under $14 a piece), or a little something for yourself!


$34 = 3 gifts

mask it and hair ties

Mask Set // Hair Ties
I’d be thrilled to get any one of those masks as a gift! There’s a mud mask, a 24K gold mask and a cucumber gel mask in this set. Throw in a couple hair ties? I’m a happy camper! Three great gifts for just over $11 a piece!


$36 = 8 gifts

gloss and mask

Lip Gloss Set // Facial Mask
This lip gloss set is made for gifting! Each gloss comes in it’s own box and if you add one of these facial masks to your gift bag, you’re set! And at $4.50 a piece? You’re a gifting genius!
A few other multiple-item gift sets that you might want to consider:


Buxom Set ($59 for 15 glosses)


mini mani

Ciate Mini Mani Set ($59 for 24 polishes) 


sephora kisses

Sephora Super Kisses ($18 for three)


philosophy gingerbread house set

Philosophy Gingerbread House Set ($42 for eight items)

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