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Gift Guide: The Ridiculously Extravagant List

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Need a gift idea for that friend who is kind of on another level? Whether they’re always hopping on their jet for a quick weekend away or refusing to mingle with “regular people”, they are sure to appreciate one of these ridiculously ridiculous gifts. Enjoy! (Hope they’re paying!)


Roof Top Tent ($1,650)

Because why should you ever have to  sleep on the ground while camping?

tree top tent

Metal Nail Causse Gloves ($999)

I hate how wearing gloves always covers up my manicure. How inconvenient. Problem solved!

metal nail causse gloves

Happy Plugs 18 Carat Gold Earbuds ($15,000)

Lose the lame earbuds that came with your iPhone. Nothing says “excess” like gold that goes inside your ear!


Digital ID Automatic Espresso Machine ($3,200)

No need to remember how you like your coffee. Just scan your fingerprint and this espresso machine will remember how you like it.

espresso machine

Lamborghini Murcielago Desk ($15,000)

Since it’s still cheaper than the actual car, would this be considered a good deal? Yeah, probably not.

lamborghini desk

Luxury Garden Office Pod ($42,500)

Forget that home office, how about a garden office?  Why look out a window of a room in your house when you could pay a lot of money to look out a window of this pod? (I mean, shouldn’t this at least be glass or something?)

garden office pod

garden office pod 2
This is a is guy who is super enthused about working in his pod.


Hermes Birkin Bag ($70,000)

If you’re planning on purchasing, hope you got on the wait list months ago. If not, pick one up on ebay for a cool $150,000. Pocket change, right?

hermes birkin bag

Solafeet Foot Tanner ($230)

Take your pale feet to a gorgeous tan in 7-14 days!  Easy to use and subtle, use at work or home! Or, just save your money and take your shoes off sometimes when you are outside.


Electrolux Ergorapido Black Edition Vacuum ($19,000)

If you must vacuum, why not do it in style? Though I’m guessing if you own a $19,000 vacuum, you probably aren’t cleaning your own house.


Forevermark Diamond Experience ($1.9 million)

They say the best gifts are experiences, right? How about an 11 day trip to the De Beers headquarters in London where you’ll receive your rough diamond that will be cut and polished for you.  Ah, the simple things in life.

diamond experience

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of glad I can’t afford any of those things.  What do you think?



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  1. Lauren says:

    Hahaha those are hilarious!!

  2. Brooke Boyd says:

    I love the office pod and roof top tent.

  3. Nancy Soliz says:

    Yeah…my husband said he would get me the bag after it goes on clearence for 99.9% off

    1. Haha, nice!

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