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Gift Guide: For the Guys

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I’ve been pretty focused on all things girly over here so far. However, we can’t forget the men in our lives! Forget the tie and step outside the box with a unique gift from the list below. (He can thank me later!)


The Single Handed Barber ($60)

If your guy has a closely cropped cut, this may save a lot of time and money! It’s an electric hair trimmer that cuts evenly in any direction.

hair trimmer

Nose Eyeglass Holder ($5.99)

If he’s a little quirky (or maybe you are), he may appreciate this special holder for his glasses. Adds character, right?

glasses holder

Pac Man Heat Change Mug ($12)

For the classic gamer, pour a warm drink in this mug and watch all the characters appear.

Pacman mug

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling ($10)

Well, this pretty much speaks for itself.

thumb wrestling

Smith/Wesson Cufflinks ($35)

Whether he is a card-carrying member of the NRA, or just wants to feel a little tougher, these should do the trick.

bullet cufflinks

The Young Bill Murray T-Shirt ($35)

I mean, I don’t really get the fascination here, but guys seem to love this man. If your guy does, he’d probably like this shirt.


Cardboard Animal Heads ($31-$60)

Just because I think these are funny.

animal heads

Design Your Own Bronze Belt Buckle ($110)

OK, if a guy you know is into belt buckles (and some guys really are), this is actually really, really cool. They can design and carve, send it off, and have a bronze buckle returned.

belt buckle

Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car ($16)

If your guy ever played with Hot Wheels (like most kids in the world), he can finally see the world through the eyes of a Hot Wheels driver.  Just turn on the recorder and get up to 12 minutes of video as the Video Racer does its thing.  Sure to bring out the kid in everyone.


Building Blocks of Light ($56.99)

This adjustable Tetris light set is sure to add an element of whimsy and fun to any room. The seven plastic “tetriminos” can be arranged in any combination and each piece lights up when stacked upon the others.

tetris light

See anything your guy would love? Or maybe something for yourself? (No need to be embarrassed, that thumb wrestling set looks pretty awesome.) Tell me what you like! And look for another list soon! (Yes, they keep coming!)

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