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Gift Guide: Cozy Chic

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If your idea of the perfect day is curling up by a warm fire with a good book, this list is for you!  For all things comfy and cozy (and chic!) check out this wish list:


Biscuit Pocket Mug (17,00 €, you do the conversion)

This just screams “lazy Saturday morning”. Though coming from Urban Outfitters in France, they ship to the US!

biscuit mug

No Place Like Home Print ($28)

Hang your motto where you can see it and don’t feel guilty about turning down those holiday parties.

no place like home

My Ideal Bookshelf ($18 on Amazon)

Looking for your next read?  In this book many well known folks share the books most meaningful to them and why they found them so inspiring.


Fleece-Lined Leggings ($18)

Stay cozy all day in these fleece-lined leggings from Anthropologie.

fleece lined leggings

Songbird Radio Speaker ($50)

You don’t have to go out to have a good time. Turn up the volume and dance in the living room with this retro speaker that hooks up to your iPhone.


Sparkle & Fade Oversize Sweatshirt ($29 on sale!)

Grab the leggings from above and throw on this sweatshirt for a cozy day in. Don’t worry too much about sizing if it’s a gift, it’s meant to be comfy!

oversize sweatshirt

Do-it-Yourself Cookie Cutters ($24.95)

Choose your favorite shape and then customize or create your own shapes with the cutter wheels for an afternoon of cookie baking.

cookie cutters

Learn to Knit Kit ($24.95)

Nothing sounds cozier than knitting while watching your favorite movie. Don’t know how? You can learn! Try this kit and soon you’ll be making your own blankets (or maybe start small, mittens perhaps?).

learn to knit

Vintage Book iPhone Charger ($68)

Not just any iPhone charger, celebrate your love of books while throwing in some good ‘ol technology.

iphone dock

Sock of the Month Club ($12/month)

Give the gift of warm feet all year long with this fun sock of the month club subscription.

sock of the month

Feeling warm and cozy yet? Which item looks the most comfy?  And stay tuned for the next list!

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    Sock of the month, yes please.

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