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Gift Guide – “Always Fits” List

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There’s nothing worse than finding the PERFECT gift for someone but buying the wrong size. Of course gift receipts and exchanges come in handy, but what about when you don’t have a receipt or you picked the last item on the rack? Over the years I’ve received beautiful items of clothing that for one reason or another just didn’t fit or work. And I couldn’t return them. So they sat. And sat. And were finally given to a friend or sold on Poshmark. Unless you KNOW an item will work for a friend, it’s always a safe bet to give an “always fits” item! 

gift guide always fits list

Here are a few of my gift guide picks for gorgeous stylish gifts when you aren’t sure what size to buy! (Everything is under $75 and most is under $50!)
1. Over-sized Cardigans
Obviously there’s never a one-size-fits-all when it comes to clothing, but an item that is meant to be over-sized is usually a safer bet than a fitted one. Of course you’ll always want to consider the personal style of the recipient but one of these can be pretty versatile!

2. Bags and Wallets
Think a cardigan is still too risky for gift giving? No sweat! A bag will always fit! Cute clutches, wallets, shoulder bags, etc., any style-lover will be happy to receive!!

3. Jewelry
The ultimate “fits” gift, go for something sparkly! 

4. Other Accessories
From tech cases to umbrellas and hats, stylish accessories will be a big hit!

5. Beauty
Who wouldn’t love a gift basket of beauty items under the tree!

I’ll have more gift ideas on the blog soon, so make sure you check back!! Tell me, what’s on your Christmas list this year?

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