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All Black Everything Gift Guide

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Hello friends! Sorry for my disappearance last week. I was in the depths of honey festival prep and launching our online shop on Splendry! I’m back though and while I still have one more extra busy week ahead of me (the Honey Festival is Saturday!) I’ll hopefully be back on a “normal” schedule soon. Wait, haven’t I been saying that for about a year now? :) ANYWAY, let’s get to the real reason you’re here. It’s the first JK Style gift guide of the year! Today, it’s All Black Everything!

All Black Gift Guide - JK Style

  1. I’m a little crazy about a black jumpsuit, and this one looks so pretty and chic!
  2. After impulse buying a pair of black joggers from Zara a few years back, I have pretty much worn them out! I need a new pair and this looks like a good brand!
  3. My go-to sneakers for everyday wear are metallic and getting a little worn. I’d love to get a pair of all-black next!
  4. Isn’t this pleated blouse pretty? I think it would be so easy to dress up or down!
  5. My favorite tee! This is the ultimate black t-shirt. Get it. Love it. Buy it for all your friends!
  6. Another favorite, this is the perfect layering tank! It’s long enough to not ride up, but isn’t bulky when tucked in! Perfection.

Happy shopping!

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