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$10 and Under Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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I found some great $10 and under Mother’s Day gift ideas – from makeup to jewelry! I do use affiliate links if you purchase something from the list I’ll earn a commission (at no cost to you!). Happy shopping!

It’s hard to believe April is almost over (though it definitely didn’t last as long as March seemed to this year!). Mother’s Day is the 10th this year, which means our shopping days are getting pretty limited! (Plus, some online shipping is taking a bit longer than normal lately.) If you’re looking for a few ideas that will make Mom smile AND not make you sweat when you check your bank balance, I’m here to help.

I found five awesome items, all under $10 that will do the job perfectly! Pick one, pick all five, or grab one or two to add to an order of Mom’s favorite flowers. OR, treat yourself if that’s what you’d like to do! These aren’t mom-specific by any means, just some fun gifts!

I also made sure that they’re actually under $10 & under INCLUDING shipping! (Though a couple might go a little over with tax.) I listed the available purchasing options for each one and there are several you can find at places like Target or Walmart which offer free shipping or pick up. 

$10 and Under Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

$10 and under Mother's Day gift ideas

1. These nail polish strips

Dashing Diva gel strips - $10 and under Mother's Day gift ideas

Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Feeling Flush - affordable Mother's Day

Press-on and sticker nails have come a looooong way since I was a kid. Not only are the materials so much better quality (and look like a regular manicure), they also have some amazing designs! I just ordered a set of these nails for myself (and I’m waiting very impatiently for them to arrive!) and can’t wait to try them. 

There are lots of great designs and colors to pick from and it each set comes with 34 stickers so you can get more than a couple of manicures out of one kit. The stickers are made from gel polish and are supposed to give you a great manicure that lasts two weeks. Pretty awesome for the price! You can find them at Ulta Beauty or Target.

2. This bath bomb set

Love Beauty & Planet Bath Bombs - $10 and under Mother's Day gift ideas

It’s always a safe bet to buy me bath products, and this brand is known for their great-smelling products that are good for your hair and skin. This particular set comes with three bath bombs: Murumuru Butter & Rose, Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower, and Argan Oil & Lavender. Sounds pretty heavenly to me.

If you’d like a yummy bath product that’s closer to the $5 range, try one of these bath bombs. Each one comes with a fun little surprise/trinket inside. 

Da Bomb Mom Bomb

3. This eyeshadow palette

elf eyeshadow palette

elf eyeshadow palette

Shimmery shades of pinks and golds, hard to believe it’s just $10! There are more than enough shades to choose every day favorites, as well as some perfect for a more dramatic look too. I found this at Ulta Beauty, Target, & Walmart too.

4. These earrings

Jerri Shell Hoop Earrings

Not only are these fun earrings under $7, they’ve also got two other colors to pick from, a white shell, and a yellow/brown tortoise (black tortoise is shown). I like this very affordable take on some great statement earrings for summer. This online shop also offers free shipping on all orders so go take advantage of that!

5. This card case

Sometimes you just need to grab a some wallet and go, sometimes you need something you can easily swap between bags when you change your outfit! I like having these small cars cases or wallets for just such occasions. This comes in black, brown, and this bone shade.

Those are just a few $10 and under Mother’s Day gift ideas that are in the style & beauty category, perfect for moms, grandmas, friends, and of course, you- Mom or not!

Now excuse me while I go show this list to Brent. :)


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