Wearing a Headband (and Not Looking Like You’re 12)

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I noticed recently that some of my favorite style influencers were sporting a new trend that I was a little uncertain about. Not uncertain for them, they looked great. But, definitely something outside my comfort zone and one I’m kind of surprised I’m trying! Headbands.

These are not the pokey plastic headbands of my childhood, these headbands are thicker, more luxurious and definitely meant to be seen. Shopping in Dallas with friends recently, I put one on on a whim and they encouraged me to buy it. So, I did! Not only did I buy it that day, I actually wore it out of the store and wore it the rest of the afternoon and evening.


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Here’s the deal, this is definitely not a trend for everyone and I get it if you think they look silly or whatever. I think it’s fun and a definite change from my normal hair styling of well, brushing it and that’s it.

There are of course many different styles of headbands to choose from, but this wider knotted look is showing up all over. I found a few around the web if you like the look, and they range in price from $9 to $28.

headbands for women - JK Style

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 

Are you going to try wearing headbands again as an adult? It could be fun!

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