Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Review

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When Mother’s Day was on approaching, Brent started asking me for gift ideas. I had recently started keeping an Amazon wish list, which came in handy! I sent it to Brent, and on Mother’s Day was happy to see several items from my list! (He did throw in a couple of surprises too!) One item I had added was a hair dryer that I had heard about from the Forever35 podcast. (Remember my love of this podcast? This is another great item they’ve turned me onto!)

After getting several inches chopped off my hair recently I’m back to actually having to put a little effort into drying my hair (or not, depending on my mood!) If I want my bob to tuck under I generally have to use a rounded brush while drying it. I hate, hate drying my hair and thought this new Revlon dryer WITH brush might cut down on drying time and be easier to use. I hoped it would anyway, I also was afraid my hair would get all tangled up in it (like it does in most rounded brushes) or it would catch fire or something. (Of course I  jump right into the worst case scenario!)

Not only did nothing catch on fire, my hair did NOT get tangled in the slightest, AND this thing worked fantastically! This is my new favorite thing I own! I honestly could not believe how well it worked. It was just like using a hairbrush that happened to be blowing out hot air! In fact, I’ve used it a few times since then, just as a brush!

A review of the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer - JK Style

Just like my regular hair dryer it had high, low, and cool settings. I used the high setting and my hair was dry in just about ten minutes. (About the same as the regular dryer.) It was so easy to use and brush the ends of my hair under while it dried, and my hair was so smooth. In the past I’ve tried to give myself a professional style blow-out using a dryer and rounded brush and not only did it take foreeeeevvveeerr, it also made my arms tired from having to hold them up that long! This dryer cut out one of the things completely! I got the volume I wanted in my hair, the curled under ends, and the fast drying time, all with a fraction of the effort I usually put forth.


I am REALLY happy with this purchase!! It sells for $59.99 on Amazon and think it’s worth trying out! Please let me know if you do, I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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