Hair Tie Society: The Genius Idea We’ve Been Waiting For

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Raise your hand if you buy a bundle of hair ties and/or bobby pins at least once a year. Now raise your hand if you still know where they all are. I’m just going to assume that like the rest of the world, your bobby pins and hair ties have all run off somewhere and you’re lucky if you can find a single tie or pin when you need it! Enter Hair Tie Society.

hair tie society website
via Hair Tie Society website

I just heard about this subscription service this week and I think it’s so ridiculously GENIUS that I knew I had to share it with you! So what is Hair Tie Society? A subscription service that will send you hair ties and/or bobby pins once a month starting at just $1.

No longer will you be searching the bottoms of drawers or your bag to find a hair tie or bobby pin that’s either stretched out, covered in bottom-of-the-drawer/bag crumbs, or bent beyond use. BRAND NEW ties and bobby pins EVERY MONTH, people!!

Here’s how it works:

hair tie society website membership
via Hair Tie Society website

That seems easy enough!

You have options of hair ties and bobby pins in three different colors – blonde, brunette, or black and you can choose either ties, pins, or a combination of both ($2). Shipping costs $0.99 but $2 or $3 a month to save you the headache of not finding what you need sounds like the bargain of a lifetime! You can choose a one time delivery, or set it to auto renew monthly.

hair tie society products
via Hair Tie Society website
Think you’ll try it, let me know! I want to hear all about it!

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