Friday Favorites

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My favorite things this week!


1. Bauble Bar
I’m kind of in love with Bauble Bar lately. If you follow my FB page, you may have seen a couple of photos I’ve shared of Bauble Bar’s “Buried Bauble” of the week. They offer a special $20 item every Monday and a special $10 item every Friday. And lately I can’t seem to turn down the Friday special!  $10! (with free shipping!) A few things I’ve bought lately:
bauble bar pics
Only $10 each!


I highly recommend checking out their site and at least signing up to the get on their email list!


2. Blake Lively
I have such a style crush on her right now. Not only is she insanely stunning, she killed it at Cannes this week.


3. Fun Nail Polish!
Who doesn’t own 97 nail polishes? (I mean, it’s not just me, right?) I use to reserve my brighter polishes for my toes and stick to a pale pink or the occasional classic red for my fingers. Maybe it’s all the subscriptions I’ve tried (thanks Ipsy, Julep, Fancy, etc.) but the more polish I get, the more I want to experiment!  
I tried this fun floral design out a few days ago using this tutorial and was actually pretty happy with my results!  


 Notice, it’s not a close-up. :) Anyway, I had received Julep’s new Plié Wand in my last Maven box and it’s going to be fun to work with I think! (And f you want to try a Julep box for free, click the link on the side of my page!)

julep plie wand

Anything you’re loving lately?  Share! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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