Friday Favorites: Social Distancing Edition

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Hello, friends. I could type a few paragraphs (at least) on how weird everything is right now but you already know that. You know nerves are high and we’re bouncing all over the place between hope and fear sometimes from minute to minute. After asking you all on social media how I should proceed it was an overwhelming vote to keep posting regular content.

So. Let’s do this. I got lots of great suggestions from you all on the types of things you want to see – everything from closet organization (lots of spring cleaning happening over the coming weeks I imagine), comfy work-from-home-clothes, and even dressing to fit your mood these days. I love it all and I’ll do what I can to provide some needed distraction from the world and keep us feeling connected to ourselves and each other.

I’ll get to work on planning some stuff for next week but for today, here are my favorites. 

1. Daily face masks

tonymoly I'm Real facial sheet mask pack review - JK Style

I’ve got more than enough face masks (some probably past their expiration date?) to probably try a new one every day for a few weeks. I decided doing one before bed will be something I look forward to each day. I gotta say too, the caffeine purifying mask I used last night left my skin glowing alllll day today. 

2. Yoga

About a month ago I decided to start doing yoga again. I searched “yoga” on YouTube and found Yoga with Adrienne videos and I’m hooked. There’s a ton of videos to choose from no matter what your mood or the time you have available. (Just have 5 minutes? There are videos for that.) Some days I do a 30 minute video, some days 20, some days just the seven minute bedtime yoga before bed, which is mostly stretching and breathing. I highly recommend this regardless of your activity level, give it a try. 

3. My anxiety ring

Let’s just say I’m a little anxious these days. I’m trying desperately not to tear up my skin and lips from nervous picking, but it’s haaaaard. I’m going to be keeping my anxiety ring on for the time being to give me something to do with my hands. (And I’m keeping my lips moisturized at all times so I’m not tempted to pick at them. 

These are just a few of the things helping me get through this week. How about you? What things are helping you cope?

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