Friday Favorites: September 28, 2018

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It’s Friday, I’ve be able to wear fall-ish clothing two days this week, and well, that’s enough for me to have a great weekend. :) I hope you will too of course, but first, some Friday Favorites to share with you!

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Friday Favorites

  1. Sweater saleĀ 

I just saw Cents of Style advertising their sweaters for 40% off this weekend! You can grab one of these gorgeous designs (below) for a steal! Use codeĀ FFSWEATER18 to take 40% off (and as always, shipping is free!)

friday favorites - sweaters - JK Style friday favorites - sweaters - JK Style friday favorites - sweaters - JK Style


2. This video

Friday Favorites - eyebrow tips - JK Style

Did you happen to see the brow tutorial I did this week? According to my stats, not many people did and well, I was kind of hoping a few more people would take advantage of my awesome tips! (Kind of kidding, I don’t know how awesome they are, but I do have a couple of tips in there!)

3. This adorable baby

Friday Favorites  - Indy - JK Style

Sorry, not sorry. Just had to share this adorable photo of Indy I took this week. These “Little Honey” overalls belonged to my older brother and my mom couldn’t find them when either of my nephews were that small. She found them recently and I put them on and I didn’t know Indy could possibly get cuter, but apparently overalls can do it.

Also, we can discuss this later but I think his hair is turning red!!

4. Skin stuff

You know how I always talk about skincare with the disclaimer I’ve got good skin? I think maybe life is trying to keep me humble, but over the last few weeks my skin has been nuts! Granted, life is a bit stressful at the moment but I’m trying to figure out the cause (I have been trying some new products…) and how to clear things up. If you’ve got a go-to fix for problem skin, share, please!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon!

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