Friday Favorites: September 13, 2019

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Happy Friday the 13th! Is Friday the 13th still a thing? Other than the movie franchise playing somewhere on cable today, are people still superstitious or whatever? Should I even be talking about this?! :) Let’s move on to my Friday Favorites!

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1. The Vast of Night News!

The Vast of Night had a showing at the Toronto International Film Festival last night, which is kind of a big deal. AND. Now that it’s been announced, this movie has been bought by Amazon! So, you’ll finally be able to watch it too! I’m anxious to read reviews today and see if anyone mentions my work, haha.

2. It’s Fashion Week

Clearly I’m not there once again (believe me, I would have told you), but I can still see allll the pictures and watch the runway shows from the comfort of my couch (and sweatpants)! Also, if you’re not following Eva Chen on Instagram (she’s the head of fashion partnerships at Instagram) it’s a must. On her stories she takes you to the shows and parties and dashes home in between to feed and play with her kids. You’ll love her, I promise.


Now, universe, here’s me putting it out there. IN 2020 I WILL BE AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

There. :)

3. Color Street Nails

Have you tried Color Street nails? I have a friend that sells them and I tried them once but felt like I rushed through my application without learning how to do it properly. I had some of my Splendry contributors try them out and the reviews have me thinking I need to try them again!

4. Fall Walmart Beauty Box

The latest Walmart Beauty Box arrived in my mailbox and it’s always a fun surprise. Since it comes quarterly I’m never expecting it, and that’s the best kind of mail surprise!

I’m pumped about the pore strip, liquid eyeliner, dry shampoo and micellar water, of course, but I’ve got to say, I really needed a new razor! :)

You can grab a subscription to the Walmart Beauty Box here.

That’s all I’ve got for today, see you Monday!

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