Friday Favorites: October 5, 2018

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It’s the first Friday in October and it’s supposed to be 86 degrees today. Not cool, weather. According to my forecast we should finally get a break in the weather starting tomorrow so you better believe fall fashion will be happening ASAP. But first, Friday Favorites!

1. Closet Shopping

My budget doesn’t call for much in the way of shopping these days, which normally might be a bit of a bummer. Right now though I’m pretty excited to get in my closet and see what I can create with the items I already have! I’m working on a fall trends post to share next week, so hopefully I’ll have a few things in my closet that I can play with too! Although Indy and I did a little Target browsing earlier this week and I’ve got to say the 90s are in full force, like it or not!

friday favorites - JK Style - 90s style

Are you ready for the 90s?

2. These dresses

Wait, did I say I wasn’t going to do any shopping? Because these fall dresses are 40% off the lowest price, with free shipping! Use code FALLDRESS.

fall dress at Cents of Style - Friday Favorites - JK Style fall dress at Cents of Style - Friday Favorites - JK Style fall dress at Cents of Style - Friday Favorites - JK StyleDon’t those make you SO READY FOR FALL?? There are seven different styles to choose from in lots of colors and sizes ranging from S-3XL.

3. More videos!

I’ve been doing a few videos lately – my brows, my makeup routine, and my quick makeup routine and I’m working on some more! I’m hoping to shoot a few over the weekend, including my top 5 beauty products, top 5 pieces I wear the most, and more! I’ve also got another beauty review I’m working on, has anyone tried Color Street nails? I just got a set so I’m curious to try them out and let you know how they do! If you’ve got ideas, things for me to review, questions to answer, etc., just let me know!

4. This Jewelry Store

I follow quite a few beauty and style pages on Facebook (surprise!) and this pretty photo showed up in my feed yesterday!

Lemon Kissed earrings - JK Style Friday Favorites

Cascadia Earrings

Aren’t those so pretty? They’re from Lemon Kissed, a shop out of Oregon and of course I had to then do a little digging on their website!

Jenna Earrings - Lemon Kissed - JK Style Friday Favorites

Jenna Earrings

Yes You Can bracelet - Lemon Kissed

Yes You Can Bracelet

There’s lots of pretty designs to check out, let me know what you think!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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