Friday Favorites: October 11, 2019

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It’s Friday. It’s 6:30 AM and between Indy not being able to sleep and me not being able to sleep I think I *maybe* got like 4.5 hours last night. So, forgive me if this list of Friday Favorites is not coherent. 😆

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1. My SheIn clothes arrived

I ordered a few things from SheIn recently to re-test their quality and products and I had so many things to catch up on yesterday I didn’t even open the package yet! It was my reward for completing my work!

I’ll have a full blog post up, hopefully on Monday, but I might do a little sneak peek over on Instagram stories, just saying…

2. I just took a DNA test…

Ha, no really I did! I took a genetic carrier screening for BabyCenter (I still do some freelance writing for them.) and it was pretty cool to learn about my genetic makeup. Have you taken any kind of DNA or ancestry test?

3. Walmart shoes

I had to make a grocery run yesterday and I ran through the shoe department to see if there was anything that would fit Indy as I suddenly realized he’s down to one pair of shoes that fit! (And the bright green Nike sneakers don’t exactly go with everything.)

I did find him a pair of adorable sneakers ($10!) but what really caught my eye were the women’s flats, perfect for fall!

Notice those are also just $10? Not a bad way to add to your fall wardrobe! I know I wear my burgundy flats alllll the time and adding another pair like the mustard or leopard could be a fun addition.

4. Also, these shoes

Actually, what do you think of these shoes? I think they’re cool but not 100% decided I need them.

Would you wear them? Zappos has them for $85, but they were just $40 at Marshall’s.

5. These earrings

My mom just bought these earrings at Versona and I think they’re soo cool!

I might need to borrow them soon! Or visit Versona and get my own. :)

That’s all I’ve got today, have a fantastic (and stylish) weekend!

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