Friday Favorites: November 4, 2016

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Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a busy first week of November! My week consisted of starting in on Honey Festival prep, finally getting around to cleaning my house, and just regular work and life! Oh, and baseball! This is a very new development for me- apparently I’m a baseball fan now! I decided before the World Series began that I was going to A) watch the series (I never watch baseball) and B) root for the Cubs. What an exciting series it was, and I have to say, I think I’m now a Cubs fan for life! (Ask me next season!) Now, let’s get to today’s Friday Favorites!

1. Cute and Comfy Sleepwear

Stylist sleepwear for Friday Favorites on JK Style

Going Places Striped Chemise

I’ve been on a mission lately to find sleepwear that’s a little chicer than the old t-shirts and shorts I usually wear. I picked up a few items from Kohls recently (shown) but want to know if you’ve got any ideas for stylish and affordable sleepwear!

Stylish sleepwear from Kohls

Head Turner Shorts PJ Set

2. FLOTUS Style

We elect a new president next week (finally after the longest election EVER) and I’m a little bummed to be saying goodbye to Michelle Obama’s style! Did you catch her gown at the last state dinner? Stunning!

Nice job once again, Mrs. Obama!

3. The October Giveaway Winner! (And start of the November giveaway!)
Having a little giveaway over on JK Style! (Link in profile.) #OctoberGiveaway
Having a little giveaway over on JK Style! (Link in profile.) #OctoberGiveaway

Congratulations to Kim, the winner of the October Giveaway!! I appreciate all the comments you all left over the past couple of weeks, I love feedback from you guys (even if I have to bribe you with giveaways to get it)! Kim, look for an email from me today!  Since I love you all SO much, and because I still want the comments, let’s do the same thing for the month of November, shall we?! EVERY comment you leave in November gets you an entry for a fantastic beauty bag!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I definitely need new sleepwear! Kohl’s have some great options!

  2. I too have a thing for Mrs. Obama’s style. I read somewhere that she doesn’t really use her stylist as much as others did, so that has to say that she knows what she’s doing!

    1. Oh yeah, I bet that’s true!

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