Friday Favorites: November 11, 2016

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This week has been long and pretty draining. I’m guessing you all know what I mean! I’m hoping for bluer skies today and the days to follow! Maybe finding some Friday Favorites will provide a nice little distraction. Here’s what’s on my radar this week:

Friday Favorites

1. Cognac

Not the drink, the color! I’m really feeling this rich brown shade for fall this year! From gorgeous ankle boots to leather skirts and jackets, I think I need to add a little cognac to my closet!

Friday Favorites cognac boots

Friday Favorites cognac booties

Friday Favorites cognac leather jacket


2. Veteran’s Day Freebies

Friday Favorites Veteran's Day Freebies

My sister-in-law has put together a great list of freebies for Veteran’s Day, please feel free to share it with military family and friends! And if you have served or are currently serving, thank you!

3. Color trends for 2017

Pantone has released their top colors for 2017, what do you think?

friday favorites pantone spring colors 2017
via Pantone website

Why does this matter? These are the colors we’ll be see everywhere from clothing and accessories to home decor! They’ll announce THE color for 2017 sometime in December, though I’ve been hearing rumors it’s a smokey blue color. We shall see!

Go do something nice for someone this weekend! Whether you pay for the person in line behind you at Starbuck’s, rake your neighbor’s leaves, or just smile (and hold your tongue) at the person who annoys you, let’s try to be kind today and every day!

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