Friday Favorites: Monday Edition!

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Since I’ve gone to more of a Monday/Thursday posting schedule (except that I didn’t post this past Thursday, oops!) I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in a long time! (Though my email newsletter has kind of turned into that, sign up if you haven’t already!) 

Today I thought I’d do a little bit of a Friday Favorites-style post, but on Monday, and really, couldn’t we all use some Friday vibes on a Monday? So, Friday Favorites, Monday edition, it is! Here are some cool things to know/check out today:

Monday Favorites

1. It’s Green Monday!

Happy GREEN Monday, my friends! If you’re not familiar with the term, Green Monday is the day of the year where stores are supposed to offer the best deals of the holiday season, saving you some green $$! It also happens to be Free Shipping Day, so if you’ve been putting off some online shopping purchases today’s the day to get going! And if you still need some inspiration, I’ve got my gift guide here and my stocking stuffer guide here. (Oh, and Splendry has some great gift guides too this year – that I also made! Check out the ones for men, women, kids, and stocking stuffers!)

Here’s a little breakdown on some of the major sales happening today:

  • Nordstrom – up to 40% off with new markdowns (and Nordstrom always has free shipping!)
  • Forever21 – up to 60% off
  • Anthropologie – 40% off clothing
  • Nordstrom Rack – Extra 25% off dresses, jewelry & watches, & up to 50% off fine jewelry
  • Old Navy – 20% off everything with code SWEET, plus additional discounts up to 60% off
  • Gap – up to 50% off
  • Banana Republic – Up to 50% off & extra 60% off sale styles
  • Kate Spade – up to 40% off sale styles with code THATSAWRAP

Let me know if you find any awesome deals I need to know about!

2. Giveaway!

Christmas giveaway

I’ve got a giveaway happening over on the Facebook page. I actually posted it last week and thanks to Facebook’s fun algorithm, my stats let me know that it was shown to about 12 people, out of the almost 2,000 who follow the page. SO, I’m re-posting it again today! (Though if anyone enters on the original post it will still count!)

Head here to enter! 

3. This hair curler

In one of the random Facebook groups I’m in I saw someone post about snagging a Chi Spin & Curl Ceramic Rotating Curler at Target when they were on sale recently. Now, I had zero knowledge of this product before seeing this post but in about 10 minutes of reading about it I also bought one. This is very on-brand for me. :)

chi spin and curl - JK Style

Supposedly you put your hair through the wand and it curls it for you which sounds amazing and terrifying all at once. I think it has sensors so that it will stop should your hair get tangled and from the reviews I read people really like it!

I was needing some gift ideas to give Brent for Christmas/my birthday so I thought I’d help him out and just grab one while it was on sale! While the Target sale is over, I just checked Amazon and see that they have it for like half of what Target has it for now and a lot less than what I paid for mine while it was on sale! It looks like it won’t ship until after Christmas unless you pay a little extra, but if you’re buying for yourself, it sounds like a great post-Christmas treat!

4. I can’t remember!

There was something earlier that I wanted to tell you about and I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy brain (or just regular brain) but I have no idea what it is now! If I think of it I’ll come back and update the post! :)

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