Friday Favorites: May 3, 2019

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I’m writing this from the bathtub on Thursday night. I was torn between work and relaxing so this was my compromise!

I know baths are a divisive topic, you either live them or you hate them. For me, I could probably take a bath every day and still think maybe I should take more baths. :)

It truly is a big act of self-care for me. The warm water is about the only way I can relax some days and I could stay in forever. (Or until the water gets cold, which happens soo Er than I’d like! Are team bath? Or team baths are gross? Feel free to tell me, but know it won’t change my opinion!

And now, let’s get to my Friday Favorites!

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1. Not saving the “good” bath bombs

Sorry, not sorry. Back to baths! As a bath-lover, I also love bath products, naturally. Bath bombs, bubble bath, relaxing soaks, I’ll take them.

Now I’ve got my cheap bath bombs and salts but find I save my “nicer” (more expensive) products for a special occasion.

What special occasion am I taking a bath for?


So, last night instead of reaching for the clearance bath bomb advent calendar from Target, I grabbed a gorgeous shimmery bath bomb I picked up at Lush last year.

Friday Favorites - Lush bath bomb

It turned the water from gray to pink to purple, with a delicious scent that also left my skin a little shimmery.

No more saving things for special occasions, life is too short, right?

2. Babies with puppies

You might have seen this on my Instagram stories, but I took Indy to do his monthly labs this week (he has Neutropenia) and they had therapy dogs at the hospital!

He loves dogs. Scratch that. He LOVES dogs. He can spot a dog a mile away, and I know because he “woofs” upon sight.

Up close with these beautiful dogs and he didn’t make one sound, he just grinned and tried to leave with them!

It was a sweet moment in an otherwise anxious moment (for me, he doesn’t know what’s going on!). Oh, and the best part was that we got good lab results!!

3. New earrings that make me feel (and look) like (I have) a million bucks.

So, again, you might have seen me post this picture on social media last week:

These gorgeous earrings came in my Mom2 gift bag and I was really excited to get them! All the gift bags were different and while my roommates also got gorgeous necklaces and earrings, these would have been the ones I wanted had I got something else!

Friday Favorites - Kendra Scott earrings

I decided to wear them Friday on my little shopping excursion and it was kind of hilarious the reaction I got.

Anytime I walked into a nice store (Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc., someone would comment on them:

“Are those the Kendra earrings?”

“You’re wearing the Kendra earrings!”

The Kendra earrings.

Kind of funny at first, but then I realized these earrings originally sold for $250 (now on sale for $180).

So, now it makes sense why I got lots of extra shopping “assistance” that day.

To them, I was someone who bought $250 earrings. What else would I buy???!

Ha! Joke was on them, I wore my $250 earrings around each store and then walked on down to Nordstrom to spend my gift card! :)

Though I will be shopping at Kendra Scott soon to use Brent’s birthday discount (half off!!!).

Have a fantastic weekend, friends! I’ll see you on Monday! Or sooner, if you’re around Instagram or the Facebook page!

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