Friday Favorites, May 27, 2016

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We have lots of reasons to celebrate today. 1) It’s a long weekend. 2) We’re alive. (Just assuming if you’re reading this…) 3) We have a lot to be thankful for (including the reason we celebrate Memorial Day!) 4) It’s Friday. 5) It’s Friday. :) What is it about Fridays? Even when I worked weekends I still loved a Friday! Let’s celebrate Friday with some Friday Favorites!

1. There are a billion sales happening this weekend. 


And some of them are pretty good! Check out this site for all the deals you don’t want to miss!


2. This tip

I’ve seen a lot of tips on how to ease foot pain from high heels but this is a new one to me! It’s worth trying!


3. More giveaways!


I just realized the JK Style FB page passed 1,000 likes! To celebrate I think we’ll have a giveaway next week! If you haven’t “liked” the page yet, go for it! And check back next week for a fun giveaway! (And don’t forget to enter the Costa Rica Giveaway that ends soon!)


4. This chart


If makeup makes you nervous, this chart should help! Very informative!

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