Friday Favorites: May 17, 2019

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Happy Friday! Let’s get right to it, here are my Friday Favorites!

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1. This Pixi Glow Cake from Pixi Beauty

Any time I get a box from Pixi Beauty I’m pumped. They’ve sent me so many awesome things to try, and one of those things I just realized had been opened and then tucked behind somethings, left to be forgotten.

Fortunately it was discovered and I’m SO glad I found it. The blush I’ve been using forever (also from Pixi Beauty) has had too many run-ins with Indy and is now a fine loose powder, waiting to spill onto my clothes and house upon opening.

It was time for a new one.

PixiGlow Cake in Pink Champagne

This Glow Cake is so insanely gorgeous and it goes on so beautifully. It’s got an ombré affect and I use the deeper shades a little farther back on my cheeks and the lighter shades closer to my nose.

I can’t get over how pretty it is and will definitely be buying more once I’m out. (Which should be awhile, it’s huge!)

2. Summer clothes

Summer is by far my least favorite season for clothes because it’s so HOT and who wants to be wearing clothes when it’s a million degrees out?

When it’s so hot out the last thing I want to do is worry about what I’m wearing. I tend to stick mostly to dresses in the summer (see ya jeans this fall!) and when I stumble upon some cute ones I’m always excited.

A quick trip to my local Marshall’s yesterday (in Yukon, OK) left me wanting to buy all the things and made me believe this summer might be a little more bearable style-wise.

Flowy dresses and beach cover-ups perfect for lounging poolside or just couch-side, loose linen pants with draped fabric and waist-ties, there was so much to drool over.

I wish I had taken a few more pictures, but I was in and out pretty quick!

Also, I heard thy Marshall’s will be offering online shopping soon, so more options for your wardrobe soon! Summer, I think I might actually be ready for you this year.

3. These earrings

My mom gave me this pair of earrings from local OKC boutique Out On a Limb for Mother’s Day. Aren’t they great?

They’re available online too! Grab your own pair here.

4. New podcast recommendations

I don’t have a ton of time to listen to podcasts but there are a couple I keep up with, one of which is brand new!

I love “Second Life” for its interviews with women who have made a career pivot. While it’s hosted by Hillary Kerr of Who What Wear (the fashion site and clothing line), the guests come from a variety of fields and it’s really interesting.

A new podcast I’ve just started is “Asking for a Friend” by Lauren Conrad. The first episode featured a best-selling author discussing babies and motherhood and the second featured a celebrity hairstylist who has her own product line. A little bit of something for everyone!

Just a couple of recommendations if you’re needing something new!

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